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I received a question about not being able to update windows manually after uninstalling Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). Sometimes after moving away from WSUS, some of the Windows Registry entries required for WSUS do not go back to “default” and therefore blocks you from manually downloading the updates or making changes to the Windows Update settings.

To fix the “some settings are managed by your system administrator.” message after removing WSUS, please verify all GPO related to WSUS are properly reverted back and force a policy update on the machine you’re receiving the error on. Restart the machine and then check this registry entry:


Change NoWindowsUpdate (REG_DWORD) to 0.

If this doesn’t work right away – restart the machine. If it still doesn’t work – you can check this key and make sure it’s also set to 0. If the key doesn’t exist, you can create it and mark as 0.


WARNING: Please be careful when making changes to the registry. This is just a general guideline and I cannot guarantee it will work in every environment as many things could be missing depending on the steps you took to uninstall the WSUS features.

Let me know if you have any questions or if anything else has worked for you.

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