Paubox Email Encryption Review

This past week I implemented a new email encryption service to replace an in-house Zix Encryption Gateway box. After researching alternatives, I decided to go with Paubox. Paubox is branded as “The easiest way to send and receive HIPAA Compliant Email; No new apps, no plug-ins, just email” and after using it for about a week, I am very satisfied.

However, just like with everything in life, there are pros and cons. The perfect solution for one business won’t fit every other business looking for an email encryption service. In my case, Paubox is perfect.

One of the main problems with typical email encryption services is that it requires the users to change their behavior – not everybody likes change or having to do extra steps just to encrypt an email.

Paubox can help you protect your patients’ data while providing it to them in a way that’s easy to access. Paubox is able to do this because they believe in the term ‘seamless encryption.’

Seamless encryption is about providing the expected benefit – HIPAA compliant email – without asking senders or recipients to change behavior.

This greatly reduces the risk of accidentally sending PHI over email. It is a giant burden to have staff make a decision on whether to encrypt an email.

It can be easy to forget to press an encrypt button or type a keyword before sending an email, or simply not realizing there was PHI in an email that was sent.

For recipients, it can be a hassle to have to login to a portal or go through extra steps just to view a message. Especially when trying to view messages on a mobile device.

Paubox’s Encrypted Email allows users to write and send emails as normal from a laptop, desktop and mobile devices. Your recipients will be able to view messages and attachments without needing to enter extra passwords, download an app, or login to a portal. Even replies are automatically encrypted.

Lastly, Paubox’s HIPAA compliant email solution includes robust SPAM, virus, ransomware and phishing protection. Phishing scams are still the most common way email gets hacked and continues to lead to HIPAA violations.


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  • Seamless Email Encryption – the only time a recipient needs to log in to a portal is if their email provider/server is not configured for encryption. Either way, the sender never has to do extra steps to encrypt an email – simply type the email, attach any documents, and hit send – from any device. It’s awesome.
  • Paubox’s HIPAA compliant email solution includes robust SPAM, virus, ransomware and phishing protection. 
  • Frequent updates and service improvements – around the time we signed up, they made a very much needed facelift on the Paubox Portal.
  • Fast support – they will help you get everything setup and are always available for support.
  • Business Associate Agreements are available with all paid accounts.
  • Price – Overall, Paubox is more expensive than other cloud email encryption solutions – such as Barracuda. However, the benefits are totally worth it.
  • We had a major problem with emailing some business partners who used Cisco TALOS because our emails would be blocked and not delivered due to a “poor” rating on Paubox’s website (view next Con for explanation). This was very frustrating because the majority of the partners we communicate with on a daily basis use Cisco TALOS.
  • Every email that’s sent and replied to automatically adds a Paubox branded footer with a link to their website. The link on every email was causing any partner who uses Cisco TALOS to simply mark our emails as spam and hold in quarantine – This caused a huge logistics problem with scheduling at our practice. The good news is that this problem is fixed and Cisco TALOS has marked Paubox’s website as Neutral – thank you to Paubox’s support.
  • Can’t customize or at least remove the footer text that gets added to every email that’s sent and replied to.
Conclusion: Paubox is a great solution for seamless email encryption. While there’s no certification that makes an email provider achieve HIPAA compliant email status, meeting the requirements set by the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules is the best place to start, along with strong technical security measures to make sure PHI is protected inbox to inbox.
You can try Paubox free for 14 days: click here for more information
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